“When you take the panflute it is like you hold in your hands the Psalter, a holy prayer”
Gheorghe Zamfir

Gheorghe Zamfir is a Romanian artist, musician and virtuoso of the pan flute, nicknamed the King of Pan flute.

Finding his way of expression through a millennial tool, he succeeds to conquer the applauses of the entire Planet.

He is the first Romanian artist who sang in a private mesa of Pope John Paul II, in 1988.

He sold over hundreds of million of records, all over the world, and he has over 185 recorded albums, a record that has not been touched by any Romanian artist so far.

It is the only Romnian Artist who won two golden discs in USA, and a gold disc in Hungary.

For the first time, the future musician listened to a group of blind musicians. Among them a girl was laying the accordion. It was winter, snow, frost, his father was in a hurry, but Gheorghe did not want to leave the singers.

Fascinated by the sound of this instrument, in the middle of a square, downtown Bucharest, mesmerized by what he just heard, the time stopped for Little Zamfir, and with this sound started his journey in the realm of music, where he remained conquered for the rest of his life.

A messianic destiny that was to flow momen- tarily and give birth to a genius, to an artist that will revolutionize the art of pan flute, gaining over the Planet with his mastery.

At the age of 6-7 years, he felt in love with a banjo, then with a mandolin brought from Pitesti, by his father, and at 12 years old he was already playing the accordion at Gaesti Wire Broadcasting Station, and for this, he received a gift from his father, a Mozart accordion, which he kept around even when he was going to sleep.

“It was my jewellery, it was my life, my soul. All my existence was in that accordion”
Gheorghe Zamfir


Gheorghe Zamfir was born on April 6, 1941, in Găești City, DâmboviEa County, on he Street of Art, where he grew up and finished the elementary school. In 1955, at age 14, his father enrols him at the School of Music no. 1 from Bucharest (today, the National College of Arts Dinu Lipatti), with the intent to study accordion, but he is accepted at the pan flute class of Professor Fănică Luca, and he proves an extraordinary skill for this instrument.

After finishing the Music High School and the baccalaureate (1961), enters the Conservatory Ciprian Porumbescu from Bucharest, where he graduates with a double degree in Pedagogy (1996) and Conductor for choir and orchestra (1968).

There followed another 2 years of conducting with Maestro Constantin Bugeanu, considered the greatest con- ducting teacher from the world. On March 24, 2005, he defended his doctorate thesis, obtaining the Summa Cum Laudae for his thesis entitled “Pan Flute – The Instrument of the Divinity and the Creative Soul; Genesis, Evolution and Significance”.

What the World says

“Absolute musician, thrilling virtuoso, Gheorghe Zamfir has a radiant personality. He electrifies a room with few bars”, L’impartial, the Swiss publication wrote in 1970.

Cella Delavrancea wrote in her volume “In a Life Century” that: “the purity of Gheorghe Zamfir’s art is born from the absolute perfection of his technique, and from the intensity of his creative talent. As Chopin, he glosses by his sounds the spirit of ideas. Gheorghe Zamfir is a charming wizard for an instrument ennobled by his captivating art, today known worldwide”.

“This music has no age. It is the everyday life of a people and of its surrounding nature”, Valeurs Actuelles recorded in France, in 1971.

Duke Ellington said once that: “such talented musician, with such special style, must be part of the artists endowed by God”.

”It’s heard the Romanian soul/ Flowing through the royal flute/You might believe that Jesus blows / In the His heavenly fire bed” – Grigore Vieru

“When he’s blowing the pan flute, Gheorghe Zamfir sweats gold, talks with God, roaming the universe”.

“In the heavenly worlds, Zamfir’s doina is certainly heard. No artist alike will be born in 1000 years from now”,

“He ploughed the earth with his pan flute”.

Vasile Iovu

He REVOLUTIONAIZED the art of Pan flute

His passion for pan flute and for reviving the sound of this wonderful instrument determined him to revolutionize its sound, so the traditional flute with 20 tubes, became, in turn, with 22, 25, 28, then with 30 and in the end with 42 tubes, and this instrument became transcendental, being possible to be introduced in any repertoire.

This invention also allowed for the flute to be introduced in all the musical styles and genres. It universally revolutionized the sound. It was the moment when in Europe, and then step by step, in the entire world, started a general euphoria. From America and Canada, to Australia, Japan or South Africa. The concert halls were packed, cathedrals with thousands of places and endless rows, everybody wanted to listen to Gheorghe Zamfir, the pan flute becoming an universal fashion instrument.

The pan flute was born over

6.000 years ago. In mythology, its tube would have been created by mistake, the wind blowing through a bamboos stick to open it easily on the other end. “Flute de Pan”, is a synonym for pan flute. Anywhere in this world, the pan flute and Zamfir are a whole. “Who hears the wonderful sound of the pan flute that through the mastery of a man of grace, raises unparalleled emotions, says “Zamfir”. This is maybe the reason why in America it is not named pan flute. This legendary instrument, revolutionized by the one who became its genius, it’s called “Zamfir”.