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Umut Adan

Umut Adan is a Turkish musician born in Istanbul. Since he was a kid, he was exposed to a variety of cultural influences and soon came under the spell of folk music, with a particular interest in 70’s Anatolian  (Turkey) Pop the folk-rock movement that became the soundtrack of a historic period full of amazing transitions and dramatic changes.

After relocating to Italy, Umut began working on his own songs, releasing a couple of 45’s produced by Marco Fasolo (mastermind of psych-pop mavericks Jennifer Gentle, the first Italian band signed by Sub Pop). The singles had limited release but were able to get excellent reviews from critics like Byron Coley (The Wire)

Soon after that Umut returned to Turkey, kept playing live, and finally got picked up by Jack White as the opening act for his Turkey tour.

Welcomed by the warm reception, Umut then started planning his first full release. The eponymous album was recorded in London at Toe Rag Studios and the sessions were produced by Marco Fasolo and Liam Watson (who has worked with a list of notable clients ranging from The Kills to the White Stripes).

The final result is an album of folk-inflected songs, but with lots of fuzz guitars and funky breaks in the best 70’s Turkish psych tradition and also peppered here and there by weird arrangement touches like inventive percussion or the Mellotron that spices up a song like “Güneş”.

Fasolo and Watson went for a production blending vintage elements and a more modern sonic approach, putting particular emphasis on Umut’s lyrics – heartbroken reflections about what is currently happening in Turkey and his discomfort about it, but also straightforward love songs and thoughtful ruminations on the passing of time.

In the end, the album is a depiction of the confusion surrounding the current state of affairs of Turkey, a country caught between strong and conflicting tensions, but also a respectful tip of the hat to artists like Cem Karaca, Selda, and Erkin Koray, who nourished Umut’s lifelong fascination with Turkish popular music and its infinite permutations.

This analog album offers an authentic vintage atmosphere to the audience through the successful transmission of the Anatolian Pop movement’s magic and the era’s psychedelic tunes to the present has been awarded 4 stars by the worldwide Jazz magazine Downbeat is regarded as an authority in this field. “Bahar” was also honored to be the top album of the year in this genre by Magnet Magazine. Following Europe Tour started off with “Beaches Brew” Fest. Subsequently, he gave 20 concerts in 6 countries across Europe.


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umutadan featured press5
The best news of the year so far may be this: Anatolian rock lives... Every track also has such exciting musical color that makes it that much more enticing to join the revolution" -
Pop Matters
October/ 10, 2019
umutadan featured press2
Psychedelic rock was big in Istanbul during the '70s, and when Turkish when Turkish guitarist and singer Umut Adan began investigating it, he was inspired to create a modern take on his country's hippie fast. The result is Bahar.
April 23, 2019
umutadan featured press
Very cool debut by a Turkish underground guy who seems to have fully absorbed the nearly forgotten lessons of the 1970s Anadolu rock scene.
Byron Coley
The Wire
umutadan featured press6
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