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TAD Project – Virtuoso of Improvising

Free improvisation does not always have to be about jazz or contemporary music. There has been a long improvisation tradition in rock and blues. T.A.D. Project is a 3 piece band of guitar, bass, and drums. Like Frank Zappa, Grateful Dead, this crossover power trio follows and offers this tradition with a twist of Anatolian (Asia Minor) background and soul. The catch is there are no songs, just the guts. 3 virtuoso musicians creating, innovating, progressing, yet remaining true to that traditional Turkish music which is distinctively theirs. Turgut A. Bekoğlu, standing for “T” of the band plays drums, “A” for Akın Eldes playing electric guitars, and “D” for Demirhan Baylan playing 6 string bass in this project band.  Their eclectic and improvising approach on the stage is unpredictable, yet full of explorations. Their mixture of traditional songs all over Asia Minor reflects a vast repertoire in jazz, rock, funk, and prog rock approaches along with their traditional base.

Supremely talented 3-piece band to deliver a timeless phrases and melodies on their live shows based primarily on improvisation.  This is a band ready to speak honestly about where we are today, and unafraid to take traditional Turkish songs wherever it needs to go next. TAD Project is a true talented musicians effort, with duties shared among the band members.

The band is going to be speaking from the heart and directly, in no uncertain terms, to the listener.

Even with the eclectic music the sprawling 3-piece band encompasses (rock, jazz, blues, traditional Turkish styles), soul remains at the heart of its sound. On stage, the wildly talented trio extends, expands, and enhances even weaker material with their extraordinary improvisational skills.

Each musician contributes, although not surprisingly, Akın Eldes’ trademarked, often rib-rattling guitar gets the most attention while Demirhan Baylan’s powerful and complex bass phrases with heavy and sometimes rocking drum beats of Turgut Bekoglu shine together.

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Video Playlist
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TAD Live at TRT Müzik- 2021
TAD Live at TRT Müzik- 2021
Tad - Uzun İnce Bir Yoldayım @ Turkish Jazz Week &#03915
Tad - Uzun İnce Bir Yoldayım @ Turkish Jazz Week ཋ
TAD Band - Kapanış Parçası
TAD Band - Kapanış Parçası
T.A.D. - Antre (Official Audio)
T.A.D. - Antre (Official Audio)


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